Jony Ive x Marc Newson The (RED) Diamond Ring

When you hear people talked about diamond ring, it is always a tiny bit of diamond with the rest of the ring made of some precious metal. That’s the norm, but it does not apply to this particular diamond ring called The (RED) Diamond Ring. Designed by Apple’s design chief Jony Ive and renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, this bespoke ring was created exclusively for the (RED) Auction organized by Sotheby’s, slated to happen early next month.

Jony Ive x Marc Newson The (RED) Diamond Ring

Two of the most brilliant design extraordinaire of our time has once again come together to designed a bespoke product for this year’s auction made exclusively by Diamond Foundry. For this piece, the duo explore the possibility of creating a diamond that entirely out of diamond. This means ditching the traditional metal settings and bands, and creating the diamond, including the ring, as a single piece which kind of makes the ring a unibody diamond ring.

“Creating a ring-shaped diamond is no small feat; the diamond block will be faceted with several thousand facets, some of which are as small as several hundred micrometers. The interior ring will be cylindrically cut out for the desired smoothness using a micrometer thick water jet inside which a laser beam is cast. The finished ring will have between 2000-3000 facets which has never been seen before on a single piece.”

It is clear that this ring is made out a huge-ass precious rock, but it is not known it weighs in at how many carats. It safe to say that this will fetch a hefty amount when it goes on the block on December 05, 2018. However, not everyone who is rich will have the glory of slipping this one-of-a-kind diamond ring into their digit because, while the diamond is made to fit the buyer, it will only be up to size 5. Then again, what are the odds that your digit is larger than 5, right? Oh, wait. Actually, the odds are pretty high according to ring specialist Blue Nile.

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Images: Sotheby’s.

Source: 9to5Mac.