Manufacturing Of The All-diamond Ring Designed By Jony Ive And Marc Newson Completed

Diamond rings. They are not truly diamond, diamond rings, are they? Every diamond has to be paired to a band made from other metal or metals to make them wearable and that kind of makes them not diamond rings in the literal sense. The diamond ring you see here, however, is literally a diamond ring […]

Oura Sleep Monitoring Ring Now Boasts New Meditation Feature

Sleep monitor is not new, but have heard of meditation monitor? Yep, apparently, it is a thing. Oura, the company behind the ring form sleep monitor has just introduced a new meditation feature called Oura Moment. Oura Moment offers on-demand meditation tracking. It does so by measuring resting heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) […]

Apple’s Jony Ive Designed A Diamond Ring That Is Entirely Made Of Diamond

When you hear people talked about diamond ring, it is always a tiny bit of diamond with the rest of the ring made of some precious metal. That’s the norm, but it does not apply to this particular diamond ring called The (RED) Diamond Ring. Designed by Apple’s design chief Jony Ive and renowned industrial […]

switchBand Makes Bottle Opener Ring Cool Again, May Save Your Wrist Too

If you find yourself popping a cold one every now and then, and you also happen to be a ring-wearer, whether as a fashion statement or because you are married, then the switchBand Covert Bottle Opener Ring may tickle your fancy. Why? Because it is a ring that has a spring-loaded bottle opener hidden away. […]

Here’s How You Can Win This 50 Years Of Big Mac 18K Gold Big Mac Ring

Well, what do you know? The Grand Big Mac is not the only thing McDonald’s is bringing in to celebrate the 50 years of Big Mac. There is also a ring too. You know. A ring as in the jewelry? And it is a ring that takes after the image of, you guessed it, a […]

Specdrums Put Music Creation At Your Fingertips, Turning Colors Into Sound

Taking notes and creating art have gone digital. Even creating music has gone digital which, obviously, is not everyone’s cuppa due to the lack tactile touch. If you like to tinker with music and absolutely embrace the lack of tactile sense, well then, we think Specdrums will be right up your alley. Specdrums go by […]

Lakers Presented Kobe Bryant And Wife With Lavish Retirement Rings

So, it happened. Lakers star player Kobe Bryant is officially retired after 20 years in the court. With five NBA championships under his belt, the 37-year-old athlete’s career is somewhat of a legend which wraps up in a fairy tale ending with the Black Mamba dropping 60 points in the NBA Finale. Now that his […]

Shomer-Tec Titanium Escape Ring Could Save You From Embarrassing Kinky Bed Situations

If you ever find yourself handcuffed and ditched in a kinky bed situation, the Shomer-Tec Titanium Escape Ring should come in real handy. The ring is crafted in titanium and looks pretty nondescript on the outside, but on the inside, it has a channel that hides a stainless steel flexible saw slash handcuff shim pick […]

Forget About Diamonds, Bitcoin Ring is the Way to Go if You Wish to Showoff Your Digital Fortune

Diamond is a symbol of everlasting love that dates back thousands of years. In modern time, it is still perceived as such but more like the perfect sale pitch for merchants. Fortunately, I wasn’t dupe into, or maybe I did, but I, to the agreement of my wife, didn’t let advertisers get away with thousands […]

In 1870s, They Actually Had Ring Pistol That Shoots Tiny Bullets

Looking at the “Femme Fatale” Ring Gun that hails from the 1870s, it kind of makes us feel ashamed about today’s conceal carry. As the name implies, it is gun which was designed to worn as a ring and totally capable of unleashing seven tiny leads at unsuspecting victims (whom are likely to be men). […]