Steam Deck is not cheap and as such, we do not recommend any modification to it. However, if you insist on giving your Steam Deck the ultimate geeky look, JSAUX Transparent Back Plate for Steam Deck is for you.

JSAUX Transparent Back Plate for Steam Deck

The JSAUX Transparent Back Plate for Steam Deck is an aftermarket DIY mod kit that lets you switch out the original handheld’s back plate for a see-through version. When done, you’d be able to ogle at the innards of your precious Steam Deck.

While it is called a “transparent backplate”, it is not transparent like you may have imagined. It is more like a smoke, translucent back plate but it does allow the internals to be seen.

In addition, the kit includes three sets of rear buttons, each of different heights for an added layer of customization. The buttons are textured and non-slip. Moreover, each kit is supplied with thermal grease and heat dissipation aluminum sheet that will help to boost heat dissipation.

Finally, the tools necessary to disassemble your Steam Deck and install the transparent back plate are included.

The JSAUX Transparent Back Plate for Steam Deck is available from, priced at US$29.99. Before you jumped on it, please be reminded any mods may void your warranty, and also it comes with the risk of damaging the device. So, do it at your own risk.

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Images: JSAUX.

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