Oh, Look, Evangelion Entry Plug Is Now A Swimming Float

If you have watched and understood Japan’s cult mecha anime Evangelion, you will acknowledge that the Entry Plug was a somewhat grotesque object. For the uninitiated, an Entry Plug is essentially a removable cockpit of the Evangelion. It was a capsule-like tube designed to be inserted into an Evangelion’s spinal area with a loading mechanism, […]

Man Uses Toddler To Steal From Inside A BarBerCut Lite Machine

You know BarBerCut Lite Machine operated by Bandai Namco Amusement America? If you don’t, it is basically a somewhat scam-ish machine that has attractive prizes, each hanging a string. Paying player will have control of two buttons which he/she will use to manipulate the scissors to cut a string to the prize he or she […]

Bandai Namco Brings Back Tamagotchi In Both Hardware And App Iterations

Tamagotchi, the digital pet that took the world by storm (well, kind of) was released 21 years ago in Japan and 20 years ago, in 1997, to the rest of the world. I am not sure the allure of this virtual pet thing, but it was somewhat a huge hit two decades ago. At least […]

Hello Kitty Join Forces With PAC-MAN For Mobile Game and Merchandises

If you are a huge fan of the mouth-less Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty and also happen to love the classic arcade game, PAC-MAN, well then, Sanrio, Inc. and Bandai Namco has some good news for you. The two Japanese companies has announced at San Diego Comic-Con that the super adorable pop icon and the […]