Whether you prefer warm water or need boiling hot water for your instant noodle, or instant coffee when you are in the wild, Kimos Self-heating Thermos will have you covered. Billed as the world’s first self-heating thermos that actually boils water in just 3 minutes, Kimos will ensure you have piping hot coffee or cooked cup noodle, for example, at a press of a button.

Kimos Self-heating Thermos

Kimos Self-heating Thermos is small, lightweight and it is rechargeable. That’s right. It is battery-powered which means there’s no need to boil water over the stove if you have the Kimos, thus leaving the stove free to prepare meals. Kimos said the battery affords boiling water up to 5 times.

It has a leak-proof design and boasts safety features that prevent overheating. Kimos holds 360 milliliters (12.17 fl. oz) of liquid and it has a 4-hour heat retention after each boil.

Kimos Self-heating Thermos

Other highlights include a stainless steel cup, a no-spill sealed cap, a water- and dust-proof power button, an indicator denoting how many boils are left, a rubber bottom, and it has a waterproof and dustproof connector/charger. All these are wrapped in heat insulation and textured rubber exterior that is not only comfy to grip but also very sleek looking.

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If you are sold by the idea, you may want to join the 1,290+ backers who have pre-ordered the product by also pre-ordering it from Indiegogo. The Kimos Self-heating Thermos has a starting price of US$89.

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Kimos Self-heating Thermos
Kimos Self-heating Thermos

All images courtesy of Kimos.

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