Most of us don’t carry a measuring tape or even ruler with us even knowing that it will come in handy. But that’s not surprising at all. Though tape measures and rulers are not cumbersome, they are a pain to bring along anyways and also, they are not exactly eye-pleasing and nobody likes a 30-cm ruler sticking out of their bags either. That’s not to mention the way to take measurement is kind of outdated, or at least, that’s what Instrumments thought when they embarked on the journey to discover a new way of measuring and the result is an innovative measuring instrument, simply called 01, that’s the size of a pen while capable of measuring everything from the circumference of your waist to the distance between picture frames to even the height of your kids.

01 Dimensioning (Measuring) Instrument

On one end of the pen-like instrument is a choice of pen, pencil or stylus, while on the other is a black rubberized roller that works pretty much like a handheld surveyor’s wheel. All you have to do is to roll it along what you need to get a measurement and as you do so, the sensor within calculates the length and pushes the reading, in real-time, to a companion app installed on your smartphone. It does not use laser to pick up measurement, but it does use it as a guide so you know when the measuring begins and ends. Obviously, Instrumments’ 01 Dimensioning Instrument isn’t designed to measure large distances but short lengths are what most people need to measure. It will come in handy in situation like finding out your inseam length and picking out the length of a scale drawing even.

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01 Dimensioning (Measuring) Instrument

The fact that it comes with a second function makes it an even more compelling piece of gadget since you can also write on paper or tablet, depending the tip you opt for, when it is not being used as a dimensioning device. 01 Dimensioning Instrument could easily be the most important device to be invented this year and its existence can potentially change how we measure forever.

But this high-tech gadgetry does come with a price – quite a hefty one as far as everyday measuring device is concerned – at $149, but on the bright side, you won’t have to wait long for it as Instrumments promised that if you order now, you will get yours this December. The campaign has a month left, but don’t take your time though cos’ apparently, there are only 500 pieces put on sale – unless you count the $429 set which comes with three 01s, or the $1,399 Studio Pack that comes with 10 01s. Keep going for the product pitch video to learn more about 01.

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