The time of the year is drawing close and you know what that means. This means you should be busy acquiring gifts and also thinking about how to spruce up your Christmas tree. Speaking of Christmas tree, why should you settle for the norm when you can express your geekiness through that tree which you only put up once a year? Ok. Maybe you don’t have the resources and money or time to pull off a theme-specific decoration, but hey, you can always count on the tree topper to speak your mind and so, if you want the geek in you to stand out, then at least get a somewhat geeky tree topper and hence, this list to save you the legwork, or finger work. You are welcome.

1. For the non-conformist and the rebel in you, Death Star should do the job. You can acquire it from Amazon, or you could work your magic hands to craft one by following the instructions HERE.

Star Wars™ Death Star Tree Topper With Lights
Credit: Hallmark/Amazon

2. Another Star Wars-themed tree topper and this time it is the Grand Master himself, Yoda. You can get him either from Amazon or ThinkGeek.

Star Wars Yoda Tree Toppers
Credit: Kurt S. Adler/Amazon/ThinkGeek

3. Last of the Star Wars-theme tree topper is none other than the Sith Lord, Darth Vader. You can pick up Darth Vader Light-up Tree Topper from Amazon as well.

Star Wars Darth Vader Light-up Tree Topper
Credit: Kurt S. Adler/Amazon

4. Continuing with the sci-fi theme is Doctor Who’s trusty TARDIS. Seriously, what could possibly go wrong with a time machine as a tree topper? Probably nothing. Just Probably. It is available on both Amazon and ThinkGeek.

Doctor Who TARDIS Light-up Tree Topper
Credit: ThinkGeek

5. But we thought the Weeping Angel would be more fitting for a Christmas tree topper because, angel – even though ‘it’ might be rather ‘deadly’. Still, an angel is an angel. You can buy it on Amazon or you can also craft one too by following this instructions HERE.

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Doctor Who Weeping Angel Tree Topper
Credit: Kurt S. Adler/Amazon

6. This one here is not exactly geeky, but it kind stands out because it is a Christmas Snowman Top of the Tree Hugger and that kind says it all, doesn’t it?

Hugging Snowman Tree Topper
Credit: Amazon

7. This one is also not quite the kind of geeky, geeky you expect; it is geeky in an adorable way because it is Mickey, in Santa getup for, you know, completeness sake.

Disney Mickey Mouse Tree Topper
Credit: Kurt S. Adler/Amazon

8. And this goes out to all Harry Potter’s fans: a Hogwarts Sorting Hat Tree Topper. You used to be able to buy one, but it looks like it is no longer on sale but hey, you have your hands and your immense love for Hogwarts, I am sure you will have the power to make one with paper or fabric, or you could grab a ready-made sorting hat and modify it to work as a tree topper if your tree is big enough. But if you are making one, remember to scale it to fit your tree’s size.

Hogwarts Sorting Hat Tree Topper
Credit: Imgur

9. Another one for Harry Potter’s fans, especially for those who are particularly drawn to the Dark Arts, you may want to use your magic hands to craft a Dementor as a tree topper.

Harry Potter DIY Dementor Tree Topper
Credit: The Leaky Couldron

10. Finally, what’s a geeky list without the presence of Star Trek? And so here it is, the Star Trek TNG USS Enterprise Blinking Light Keepsake Ornament you see here should do your Christmas the Star Trek justice. Granted, this is not actually marketed as a tree topper, but I am sure with a little bit of tinkering, you could make it fit like a charm.

Star Trek TNG USS Enterprise Blinking Light Keepsake Ornament
Credit: Hallmark/Amazon

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