Fishscape Fishbowl by Aruliden, made by Gaia and Gino

Fishscape Fishbowl By Aruliden 700x420px
(image: Aruliden) Fishscape Fishbowl By Aruliden | US$140.00 |

between chucking your tiny aquarium with messy bits of underwater decor and leaving it entirely naked, there is a middle path solution known as Fishscape Fishbowl By Aruliden. it holds about 9.5-liter (2.5-gallon) of water where your priced fishy can roam around the beautiful textured landscape that reminiscent of an underwater ridge. it is quite a sight to behold, so it is of no surprise that Fishscape Fishbowl bagged the Red Dot Design Award 2011’s High Quality Design award. this gorgeous piece of glass work was created from hand-blown glass and manufactured by Turkey-based Gaia & Gino. the Fishscape Fishbowl By Aruliden is available for purchase with a price tag of $140. larger views of the Fishscape Fishbowl by Aruliden after the break.
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Aruliden via Holycool

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