Sprinkler Hide-A-Key. great, now everyone knows my secret

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(image: ThinkGeek) Sprinkler Hide-A-Key | US$5.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

hiding your spare key under the doormat tradition is not widely practice here as, opposed to somewhere else. however, if are still practicing the under-the-doormat ritual, the Sprinkler Hide-A-Key might be a much viable and safer alternative. leaving your spare key under the doormat is a no-brainer for thieves but if you really have to, why not put them in this little water-tight plastic container and stick them into the ground in your yard along with the rest of the real sprinkler heads? since it looks like just any sprinkler heads, no one would have suspected you hid anything there. plus, you get a bonus of space cos’ this thing can keep more than just keys and its screw-on cap keeps your stash dry and clean. of course, it won’t be much help if you don’t even have sprinkler heads in your yard to begin with. there’s no need for an explanation as to why a lone sprinkler head in a wide open lawn attracts unnecessary attention. great. now everyone knows my secret. the Sprinkler Hide-A-Key can be yours for just $5.99. with this modest price, it is perhaps worthwhile to get a few as decoys. don’t you think so?
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ThinkGeek via GeekyAlerts

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