we wouldn’t say there is an on-going home automation craze, but the number of gadgets and gizmos that allows us to work towards a serious home automation setup are overwhelming and prompts us to think, ‘what if we could weave all those individual devices up and turn them into a complete system where you can keep tab on everything?’ well, guess what? the one thing that’s going to do just that is the Ninja Sphere. it is described as the “next generation control of your environment with accurate in-home location data and a gesture control interface” but what really is the Ninja Sphere? well, basically, it is going to be the brain of your home that will, if you are not careful, take over your home and perhaps, even your neighborhood, and the rest is, how should we say? a nightmare playing out in your reality. nah. we are just kidding.

it is smart but not artificially intelligent to the extend of becoming our master. anyway, jokes aside, the Sphere is designed to learn about you, and your environment, and it uses data harvest from sensors and actuators to construct a model that can inform you if something is our of place, such as a prized piece of possession, big or small, being misplaced or stolen and suggest a course of action like, if security cameras are setup, taking a snapshot. of course, the Ninja Sphere is more than just a virtual security guard, it is also your personal house manager, keeping track of everything within its domain, and alerting you if you have left the heater or lights on, or perhaps, sensing the temperature drops and suggesting you to crank up the heater even before you are home. what the Ninja Sphere can do is really limited to your imagination and the hardware available in the market, which for the latter, will never cease to grow and so, it kind of makes the Ninja Sphere a future-proofed gadget.

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additionally, it is open source, which means new devices that come onto the market can easily be written to support the Ninja Sphere. you can pre-order the Ninja Sphere today via its Kickstarter campaign page for AU$249 and up, or learn more about this dream-come-true device in the video after the break.

Kickstarter via Mashable

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