If you are looking for a new way of giving your desk a little light, here’s something that may pique your interest. Meet CYRO Self-balancing Elegant Bird Lamp. As the product name implies, it is a lamp designed in the likeness of a bird, and it self-balances… on its beak which looks kind of magical. It is the world’s first, btw. But really, do you need such fancy lamp? Probably not. Then again, you probably don’t need levitating Bluetooth speakers either. It is not essential, but it will spice up an otherwise monotonous desk (or life, in general).

CYRO Self-balancing Elegant Bird Lamp

After its 80 mAh battery its charged, CYRO can be used anywhere where there’s flat surface. It can even balanced on the super thin MacBook too. The Hong Kong-based company behind it did not explain how it works though. Anywho, under the belly of this handcrafted white ash wood avian creature are five solid state LEDs that boasts a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. It is charged by the included “Porch” which is essentially a fake tree of sort.

CYRO Self-balancing Elegant Bird Lamp

A simple tap on the bird’s back will turn on the light. Tap it again to get it to max brightness and another tap turns it off. You can also turn it on/off with a switch found on the underside of the bird, but why would you? Touch is obviously the more high-tech way of doing things, isn’t it?

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You can find CYRO Self-balancing Elegant Bird Lamp on Kickstarter where a pledge of 617 Hong Kong dollars (about US$79) or more will secure yourself a unit which will be delivered sometime in February 2018. The campaign is funded, so you pledge of 617 HKD or more will be a pre-order. See the magic happen right before your eyes in the video below.

CYRO Self-balancing Elegant Bird Lamp

CYRO Self-balancing Elegant Bird Lamp

CYRO Self-balancing Elegant Bird Lamp

Images: CYRO.

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