with so many things connected and going ‘smart’ these days, how is that your trusty kettle be left unconnected? well, if that has been bothering you, then Firebox have a piece of awesome news for you: kettle is finally on the ‘smart’ bandwagon – so go ahead and dump your caveman pot, and welcome iKettle, the world’s first WiFi kettle. with a companion app (as always), you can control your iKettle via your smartphone from exactly where you should be: your bed. the truth is, you can still walk up to your kettle and do it the good’ol way, but why should you when you can remotely turn on and off the kettle, set the desire temperature of the water with four temperature settings, set an alarm and have the iKettle boil the water when you wake up, and set it to welcome you home by asking if you’d like “to pop the kettle on.”

other features include a stainless steel design with 1.8-liter capacity, LED backlit control panel, soft-touch rubber handle and a functional filtered spout. the iKettle is available for pre-order now via Firebox for £99.99 and is expected to be available in one to two months time.

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iKettle - The World's First WiFi Kettle

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