honestly, iPhone cases are the last thing we expect to be the target of a comprehensive marketing effort. the norm with iPhone cases, or any other smartphone accessories for that matter, would be plain simple advertising and therefore, a ‘real campaign’ was never in the picture. but not with these cases from Case-Mate, a brand now recognized as the purveyor of fashion-forward mobile accessories. with the Style Box by Case-Mate, the Georgia-based company became the first in the world to offer a risk-free trial program for smartphone cases. this campaign, as we would like refer it as, reminiscences of the promotion campaign used by CDs and books retailers in the 90s, but with a twist. the Style Box by Case-Mate allows you to trial an assortment of some of Case-Mate’s most stylish cases for 7 days, after which you can choose to keep your favorites and return the rest to the firm without being charged for the returned items. however, to encourage you to snap up as many, Case-Mate will offer discount incentives for more cases you choose to retain.

depending on how serious you are about the cases for your smartphone device, this program could be an brilliant solution to your usual dilemma of “which case to get?” the Style Box collections are available for iPhone 5 (and 5s), as well as the Samsung GALAXY S4 and comprises of four distinct flavors, namely The Ansley Style Box, The Inman Style Box, The Habersham Style Box, and The Ponce Style Box, to suit different individual taste. Style Box by Case-Mate is currently offered only to U.S. customers with prices ranging from $35-$150. and oh, did we mention that shipping is on Case-Mate? take a few more look at the individual Style Boxes in the image gallery below.

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