one thing that’s for sure is, the market is definitely not short of well-rounded speakers that have high-quality audio streaming covered, but not every one could be as versatile when it comes to placement and still look good wherever you place them. the Libratone Loop Wireless Speaker is one of those that happens to boast awesome sound, covers major high-quality audio streaming protocols, and looks equally awesome on the wall, the shelf, or on your desk. in addition to AirPlay and DLNA that covers wireless audio streaming from both iOS and Android devices, there is also PlayDirect for streaming without a WiFi network router, direct from your iOS and Android devices, or even your PC and Mac computers.

under the skin, or should we say wool, of the Loop’s controlled cabinet, you will find a 5″ subwoofer, 2×1″ ribbon-based tweeters, as well as built-in digital signal processing and digital amplification for superb audio reproduction, while the round shape design, together with built-in FullRoom acoustic technology aids in projecting a wide 2.1 stereo image for a room-filling sound. the Libratone Loop Wireless Speaker is available now for $499. and oh, did we mentioned that the lush Italian wool cover is interchangeable? but i guess, you already knew that, don’t you? scroll down for a product promo clip, but before you do that, you may not want to watch it if you are sensitive to flashing lights/colors. just thought you should know.

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