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IKEA x Sonos Speakers To Arrive In August, Will Support AirPlay 2

You heard of the collaboration and now here they are, the IKEA x Sonos Speakers. After much anticipation, Sonos finally serves up some details on the products born out of this collaboration between the flatpack furniture giant and the American speaker maker. For starter, two products were announced: a table lamp/speaker hybrid called Symfonisk table lamp and Symfonisk bookshelf speaker that can literally double as a shelf. So, yeah, both products are also furniture (or in the case of the lamp, lighting) which is what IKEA is about. Clever. Very clever. Continue reading IKEA x Sonos Speakers To Arrive In August, Will Support AirPlay 2

HTC 10 Smartphone Is The First Android Phone To Support Apple AirPlay

With Apple, Samsung, LG and various China marques making the buzz online, we almost forgot about HTC. Clearly, the Taiwan-based handset maker did not (and cannot forget) the market; it is the company’s bread and butter. The folks is working hard to create its next flagship and it is called HTC 10. Yup. No more fancy, M something. It’s just 10. Revealed on April 12, the 10 sports the usual HTC kind of sleek with a curved, aluminum unibody construction and an unusually large chamfer edge all round. We can’t say it is a beauty until we see it for ourselves. Continue reading HTC 10 Smartphone Is The First Android Phone To Support Apple AirPlay

This Futuristic Wireless Speaker Will Pour Out Omnidirectional, 3D Sound into Your Room

It may look like a deadly projectile of a howitzer of the future, but instead of obliterating landscapes, this futuristic wireless audio system, called ARCHT Audio, pushes out omnidirectional high-fidelity audio, in three dimensions that will fill your entire room with superbly engineered audio reproduction. Its unique shape is stemmed from a proprietary technology developed by Singapore car audio industry veteran Sam Tan. The audio reproduction technology developed by Tan is known as Sound Array, which is incorporated into the speaker’s two drivers and a passive radiator and it is this Sound Array module (a curvy, flying saucer-like contraption) that transforms the drivers from being directional to omnidirectional. The result is not only consistent audio delivery regardless of where you are in the room, but also one that does not distort. Continue reading This Futuristic Wireless Speaker Will Pour Out Omnidirectional, 3D Sound into Your Room

Soundwall Turns Hanging Art Into Wireless Speakers

some people like to flaunt their speakers, but there are also some who prefer to hear and not to see them. in the past, we are resigned to getting the skinniest or the flattest or even go the transparent route in order not to see these sound reproduction devices, but Soundwall has another alternative which replaces ‘ugly’ speakers with eye-candy as offered by a selection of art works. we are not talking about HDTV here. we are talking about real-deal art works which you can buy and turn them into working, wireless speakers that allows you to stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, Android, Sonos and more. Continue reading Soundwall Turns Hanging Art Into Wireless Speakers

Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Home Audio System

want to fill your room with your favorite tunes, but loathe the idea of multi-speaker setup? well, the Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Home Audio System might just be the speaker you have been looking for. measuring just 223 mm wide (8-3/4-inch) and 276 mm tall (10-7/8-inch), the Aura Wireless Home Audio System promised room-filling, omnidirectional sound from its six performance-tuned 1.5-inch high- and mid-range drivers, and a 4.5-inch subwoofer in turbo-sculpted metal housing. the audio reproduction is further bolstered by Harman Kardon’s DSP for “improved soundstaging and voicing”, while AirPlay, Bluetooth and DLNA, opens up a world of possibly in wireless streaming, regardless of the wireless connectivity your sources maybe equipped with. Continue reading Harman Kardon Aura Wireless Home Audio System

JBL Authentics Series Wireless Speaker Systems

the JBL Authentics Series Wireless Speaker Systems prove that you don’t need to sacrifice your decor for good sound (but you do have to pay price, though). available in two guises: L16, a 300W three-way speaker system and L8, a 120W two-way speaker system, both systems offer wireless streaming from a myriad of sources through AirPlay, DLNA, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. these modern classics also features HARMAN Signal Doctor, an innovative and exclusive technology that restores the details lost in compressed music files, boosting the quality of low quality MP3 files significantly. other common features include USB charging ports for recharging smartphones and tablets, 3.5mm auxiliary input jack, digital optical input, and support studio-quality at 24bit/96kHz for mind-blowing clarity and details. a free JBL Music app is available turn your iOS or Android mobile device into a remote control too. Continue reading JBL Authentics Series Wireless Speaker Systems

Mophie Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s

the Mophie Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s is the world’s first battery case with built-in storage for iPhone, that takes a stab at three most pressing issues facing iPhone power users: physical phone protection, battery life, and storage needs. it is the slim line battery case from Mophie that you have come to know, offering up to 8 hours more talk time, 10 hours of video playback, or 40 hours of music enjoyment, plus the added bonus of having a local storage space for 16,000 or more photos, over 14 hours of videos, or over 9,000 digital music files. and on top of those, it offers the protection against daily knocks and bumps, while still having access to all ports and buttons, just like a good case should. Continue reading Mophie Space Pack Battery + Memory Case for iPhone 5/5s

Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System

break the monotony of your home audio system setup with this avant garde Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System by Fujitsu Ten. sporting a distinctive egg-shape aesthetic, this first wireless speaker system from Eclipse features AirPlay, non-oversampling DAC and amplification to offer a “world-class accurate sound to not only audiophiles but to all fans of music.” so does the “all fans of music” mean it will be affordable? well, we wouldn’t bet on it. with such an attractive, designer styling, we’d be surprised if it were of an earthly price. slated to hit the retailers next month, the Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System is equipped with 8cm full range driver with lightweight, rigid diaphragm and has an design that takes precautions against vibrations that would otherwise hinder with the unit’s performance. Continue reading Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System

Bose SoundTouch WiFi Music Systems

not everyone is born with the knack of dealing with complex setup required by some audio systems, but luckily for the general masses who can afford to dole out some decent money, there are the Bose SoundTouch WiFi Music Systems that lets you enjoy the signature audio bliss Bose is known for, without becoming a mad scientist. and just to be sure they have every possible segment of music lovers covered, Bose has introduced not one, not two, but three such systems, and they are: the SoundTouch 30 that will have your largest room covered and possibly serves as your home’s main music system; the SoundTouch 20 for bedrooms, kitchen or other mid-size rooms; and the SoundTouch Portable that shrinks things down a little and slapped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for the on-the-go full-range audio enjoyment. the SoundTouch technology will eventually propagates to include Bose mainstay, the Wave music system, with other new SoundTouch systems joining the lineup early next year. Continue reading Bose SoundTouch WiFi Music Systems

Libratone Loop Wireless Speaker

one thing that’s for sure is, the market is definitely not short of well-rounded speakers that have high-quality audio streaming covered, but not every one could be as versatile when it comes to placement and still look good wherever you place them. the Libratone Loop Wireless Speaker is one of those that happens to boast awesome sound, covers major high-quality audio streaming protocols, and looks equally awesome on the wall, the shelf, or on your desk. in addition to AirPlay and DLNA that covers wireless audio streaming from both iOS and Android devices, there is also PlayDirect for streaming without a WiFi network router, direct from your iOS and Android devices, or even your PC and Mac computers. Continue reading Libratone Loop Wireless Speaker