the JBL Authentics Series Wireless Speaker Systems prove that you don’t need to sacrifice your decor for good sound (but you do have to pay price, though). available in two guises: L16, a 300W three-way speaker system and L8, a 120W two-way speaker system, both systems offer wireless streaming from a myriad of sources through AirPlay, DLNA, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. these modern classics also features HARMAN Signal Doctor, an innovative and exclusive technology that restores the details lost in compressed music files, boosting the quality of low quality MP3 files significantly. other common features include USB charging ports for recharging smartphones and tablets, 3.5mm auxiliary input jack, digital optical input, and support studio-quality at 24bit/96kHz for mind-blowing clarity and details. a free JBL Music app is available turn your iOS or Android mobile device into a remote control too.

needless to say, the walnut-veneered clad L16 (pictured above) is our favorite. beneath its classy wood enclosure packs six 50W amplifiers that drives six speakers, including a pair of 25mm tweeters, two 2-inch mid range driver, and dual 5.25-inch woofer, resulting in a massive 300W output. also integrated into the L16 is a set of stereo RCA phono input for the added flexibility in connectivity. the L8 (pictured below), on the other hand, features a wooden enclosure in gloss piano black finish. under the hood, it boasts two 25mm tweeter and a pair of 4-inch woofer, driven by four 30W amplifiers to unleash 150W of audio output. surprisingly, being the lower of the two models, the L8 still packs something, albeit just one feature, that the higher end L16 doesn’t have, and that’s NFC, which find it kind of odd. but anyway, that’s the way it is. the JBL Authentics Series Wireless Speaker Systems are up for pre-order with the L8 costing a grand $599.95 and the L16 will set you back at a little under 1,000 bucks.

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JBL Authentics Series Wireless Speaker System - L8

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