JBL’s Latest True Wireless, TUNE 220TWS, Has Awkward Stem Too

You know Apple AirPods’ ugly stem is here to stay when, other than Chinese companies, even Skullcandy and now, JBL, has adopted the design. While Skullcandy TWS looks surprisingly not so awkward, we can’t say the same for the new JBL TUNE 220TWS true wireless earbuds.

JBL LINK BAR With Android TV Wants To Do What Roku Did To TV

Looks like Google is determined to make everything hands-free. The search giant’s Google Assistant is already in a myriad of gadgets and it is now coming to soundbar too, starting with a collaboration with premium audio maker, JBL. Called JBL LINK BAR powered by Android TV, it is a new gadget that will turn your …

Voice-enabled JBL LINK View Is Harman’s Answer To Amazon Echo Show

It looks like now Samsung-own Harman’s JBL has an answer to Amazon Echo Show, a video display equipped Alexa-powered smart assistant that is loaded with both camera and speakers. Christened JBL LINK View Voice-controlled Smart Display Speaker, this nifty device with an unmistakable JBL aesthetic will join JBL LINK family line of smart speakers with …

Under Armour Dives Into Connected Fitness Products With HTC And JBL

With a projected value of $5.4 billion by 2019, the fitness tracker is indeed an industry cannot be ignored and that’s just fitness tracker alone, which does not include products like connect weighing scale and other monitoring wearables. This huge pie, which is currently being shared by sports equipment veterans and startups alike, has caught …

This is Smart Forgigs, a Mobile Audio Concept Packing 5,720 Watts of JBL Sound and 150 dB of Sound Pressure

Smart Fortwo is a tiny car and if you’re wondering besides fitting two non-giants inside, what else could it take, then the answer would be probably a duffel bag, or maybe plus a messenger bag. But if you prefer, you can stuff it with truck load of speakers, just like what JBL did with this …

JBL Horizon Clock Radio Lets You Wake Up to the Music on Your Smartphone

If you love to wake up to the sound of music, then we think the JBL Horizon Clock Radio might be of an interest to you. In addition to waking up to the ever annoying traditional buzzer (which nobody likes, btw) or JBL original digital alarm tones, you can choose to wake up to the …

JBL Authentics Series Wireless Speaker Systems

the JBL Authentics Series Wireless Speaker Systems prove that you don’t need to sacrifice your decor for good sound (but you do have to pay price, though). available in two guises: L16, a 300W three-way speaker system and L8

JBL Synchros S400BT Bluetooth Headphones

we just can’t enough of good sound and good looking headphones, can we? of course, we can’t. fortunately, we will never have to worry about supply of awesome audio cans. speaking of supply, Harman has announced a few at the 2014 CES and among them is this awesome looking pair known as the JBL Synchros S400BT Bluetooth Headphones.

JBL Pulse High-Fidelity Wireless Speaker

with so many Bluetooth speakers flooding the market, it becomes a daunting task for manufacturers and users alike to stand out from the crowd, but it seems like JBL might have the answer to this ‘pressing’ issue and it comes in the form of JBL Pulse High-Fidelity Wireless Speaker.

JBL Spark Wireless Speaker

we said it before and we will say it again: Bluetooth speakers are popping out in the market like every other day and so unless we sit here 24/7, we couldn’t be possibly listing out each and every one. in fact, there are times we would secretly vow not to feature another one that comes along, but just look at the JBL Spark Wireless Speaker