When it comes to the charging case of the TWS earbuds, it is usually thrown into the bag and forgotten until you need to put the buds away. Whatever things you need to do or check, including checking the battery life on each earbud, adjusting the noise canceling, and managing text messages, you have to whip out your phone. Well, not with the upcoming JBL Tour PRO 2 True Wireless Earbuds Sound, though.

JBL Tour PRO 2 True Wireless Sound Earbuds

The name of the game with the JBL Tour PRO 2 True Wireless Sound Earbuds is not getting the charging case to be as tiny as possible like say the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro. It is not big though but the size is definitely not a concern because JBL has slapped it with a 1.45-inch LED touch display that lets you manage the music, customize the earbuds, and believe it or not, check call history, text messages, and even social media notifications in real time.

You can also receive a call by tapping the case but that’s just extra since you already do it from the earbuds. It is pretty much like having a smartwatch. Except that this isn’t on your wrist. JBL is billing it as the “world’s first smart charging case” and it thinks JBL is not wrong.

It felt that the charging case of the JBL Tour PRO 2 True Wireless Sound Earbuds is a stripped-down version of the Light Phone II. Except that it can’t reply to messages and do navigation or take notes.

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JBL Tour PRO 2 True Wireless Sound Earbuds

With the JBL Tour PRO 2 True Wireless Sound Earbuds, you probably throw your phone in the bag and keep the case in your pocket closer to you. That’s one major paradigm shift, IMHO.

Beyond the game-changing charging case, the JBL Tour PRO 2 boasts JBL’s best-ever hybrid True Adaptive ANC with JBL Pro-tuned 10 mm drivers, featuring immersive JBL Spatial Sound. The True Adaptive ANC technology will automatically adjust to the surroundings in real time, eliminating distractions and maximizing your listening experience.

In addition, it packs no less than 6 mics for crystal clear voice calls with VoiceAware. Rounding up the feature list are Bluetooth 5.3, LE Audio compatible, and an impressive 40 hours of music playback (10 hours in the earbuds and 30 hours from the case).

The JBL Tour PRO 2 True Wireless Sound Earbuds will be available in January 2023 for €249 (or about US$247).

All images courtesy of JBL.

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