Under Armour Connected Fitness Products

With a projected value of $5.4 billion by 2019, the fitness tracker is indeed an industry cannot be ignored and that’s just fitness tracker alone, which does not include products like connect weighing scale and other monitoring wearables. This huge pie, which is currently being shared by sports equipment veterans and startups alike, has caught Baltimore-based sports apparel maker Under Armour. Unlike big players, UA’s dive into the deep end of the tech world of connected fitness devices isn’t a solo act. It has teamed up with Taiwanese handset maker HTC to create the UA HealthBox ($400), the company’s first connected fitness product portfolio, which includes a Bluetooth-enabled weighing scale (UA Scale, $180), heart rate monitor (UA Heart Rate, $80), and a wrist worn fitness tracker (UA Band, $180).

Under Armour UA HealthBox
UA HealthBox

Along with HealthBox, UA also introduces UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped ($150), the company’s first smart shoe that tracks and stores data without the need for an external device. The shoe pulls data like duration, distance and splits, along with time and date. UA also announced another partnership, this time with audio equipment maker Harman International, to release the UA Headphones Wireless as engineered by JBL. Two versions of the headphones will be available, the UA Headphones Wireless ($180) and UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate ($250), with the former open for pre-order now and the latter, is expected to hit the shelves in late spring 2016. Central to these connected devices is the new UA Record which serves as the dashboard for daily activities, pulling all the data together for ease of monitoring.

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UA HealthBox is available for preorder on UA.com and HTC.com, as with the individual devices, namely UA Band, UA Heart Rate, and UA Scale. As for the sneakers, it will be available starting February 29, 2016, on UA.com and in select specialty run stores in the U.S. Headphones will also be sold on Under Armour web store and can also be found on JBL’s online store.

Under Amour UA Headphones Wireless
UA Headphones Wireless
Under Amour UA Band
UA Band
Under Amour UA Scale
UA Scale
Under Amour UA Heart Rate
UA Heart Rate