Under Armour Sportsmask Is A Face Mask for Athletes In This Difficult Time

Moving forward, wearing a mask is part of life and life, includes exercise. And it is this in mind, Under Armour has introduced Under Armour Sportsmask. Sportsmask is a face mask designed with active lifestyle in mind.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armour Edition Has Always-on Running Coach

While the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is a smartwatch, it is also clear as day that it is sports focused. But if you really want one that is really, really all about fitness, then you will want to look to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Under Armour Edition. It is the Galaxy Watch Active2 […]

These Are Under Armour’s New UA HOVR Connected Shoes

If you haven’t been a fan of Under Armour, you may not have know that Under Armour have been selling connected running shoes, AKA smart shoes. The first of UA’s connect shoes were introduced early last year at CES and a year on, earlier this year, the company introduced two new pairs: UA HOVR Phantom […]

Under Armour And The Rock Created This Gym-Worthy Headphones

I don’t see headphones, on- or over-the-ear, as the personal audio gear of choice when working out. I would think in-ear headphones will be more appropriate for obvious reasons (mostly because they are way less clunky). However, if your choice is Bluetooth headphones, then the UA Sport Project Rock Edition Wireless Headphones might just be […]

The Internet Is Outraged By Team USA’s Speed Skating ‘Pervy’ Outfit

If you have not been catching the on-going Winter Olympics over at Pyeongchang, South Korea, you probably have not noticed something rather unusual about the Team USA’s Speed Skating outfit. I know I sure did not pay attention to it, but thanks to the Internet, I cannot unseen what I have saw. The two-tone outfit […]

Under Armour Dives Into Connected Fitness Products With HTC And JBL

With a projected value of $5.4 billion by 2019, the fitness tracker is indeed an industry cannot be ignored and that’s just fitness tracker alone, which does not include products like connect weighing scale and other monitoring wearables. This huge pie, which is currently being shared by sports equipment veterans and startups alike, has caught […]

Under Armor Charge Basketball Shoes

one thing Back to the Future has proved was, the shoes of the future may not look as outlandish as we thought to be, at least now that the everyone-wants-a-pair Nike Mag looks pretty pale by comparison to the Under Armour Charge Basketball Shoes. when we first lay eyes on it, we thought it was from the future – like maybe from 2050, perhaps? beyond its bold…