Virgin Galactic Pilot Spacesuits by Under Armour

A lot things can change in four years. One of the changes include the a change in spacesuit design and designer for Virgin Galactic’s pilots. That’s right. Virgin Galactic has a new getup for its pilots.

Virgin Galactic Pilot Spacesuits by Under Armour

We don’t know what’s the story here. Four years ago, it was revealed that Y-3, a collab between adidas and Japanese design Yohji Yamamoto, had designed space suit for the pilots. Now – or rather, a few a days ago – we learned that it is in fact Under Armour that has designed the non-pressurized space suits for the pilots.

The new garbs for the pilots were revealed on Friday (Dec 4). They are in blue, just like those that the SpaceShipTwo passengers will be wearing. However, distinguishing the passengers’ wardrobe for space and the pilots’ are wide black stripes. They are actually quite subtle, really, but cool nonetheless.

The similarly will make the passengers feel like part of the crew as opposed to being paying riders. Each suit tips the scales at 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) and are made of knitted fabric and tailored for each of the eight members of the Virgin Galactic’s pilot corps, and designed for stages of the flight.

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Images: Virgin Galactic.

Source: Space.