Remember the radical 1,000-mile range, three-wheeled Aptera EV we talked about early this year? Well, we have good news. It is finally available for… well, reservation. All you need is 100 bucks deposit to secure a unit. First deliveries is expected to happen as soon as 2021.

Aptera Solar Powered EV Open for Reservation

There’s a catch, though: the base model is the 400-mile range Paradigm. Paradigm+, i.e. the one with the solar surfaces, is the one with the holy grail range.

We heard the price starts at US$25,900 and can run up to over US$46,000, depending on range and options, which are lower than we last reported. But never mind the pricing because, we just checked. Both the Paradigm and Paradigm+ were snapped up.

Aptera Solar Powered EV Open for Reservation

There’s another option left, however, and that is the “design your custom Aptera.”

As for options, Aptera is offering SafetyPilot (semi autonomous driving), enhanced audio, camping kit, pet kit, and believe it or not, an off-road kit. In addition, you can apparently choose from four range options, namely, 250-mile, 400-mile, 600-mile, and of course, 1,000-mile.

Aptera Solar Powered EV Open for Reservation

There are some changes to the spec from what we have reported too. The all-wheel drive at 150 kW makes the 0-60 sprint in 3.5 seconds (as opposed to 4 seconds) while the front wheel drive with 100 kW does it in 5.5 seconds. Top speed is stated as over 100 mph.

Interested folks may learn more about this gorgeous ride HERE.

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Aptera Solar Powered EV Open for Reservation

All images courtesy of Aptera Motors Corp..

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