Lexus LF-LC Luxury Hybrid Sports Coupe Concept

Lexus LF-LC Luxury Hybrid Sports Coupe Concept
(photos: Lexus) Lexus LF-LC Luxury Hybrid Sports Coupe Concept | US$tba |

there’s nothing concrete here about the Lexus LF-FC Luxury Hybrid Sports Coupe Concept. no hard specs or whatsoever but as always, i appreciate the finer (& beautiful) things in life and so naturally, i adore how the design turned out to be – even if it is just a concept. however, as far as sports car is concerned, the LF-LC Concept sports has a pretty radical look, especially with its rather warped yet alluring front fascia and the best part is, it is a 2+2 sports coupe, which certainly takes the selfishness out of the sports car equation. hey, if you have such a beauty, wouldn’t you want to share the joy of riding in it? of course, some stray selfishness in you would want the helm all to yourself. i don’t blame you, cos’ i would hold on to it as if my dear life depends on it too. since it is a concept, it is still a mystery as to whether this gorgeous vehicle will ever make it to the production. regardless, lets not brood over such a fruitless topic and hit past the jump and enjoy some glorious images of the Lexus Luxury Hybrid Sports Coupe Concept.

Lexus via Inhabitat

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