sparkling Beats by Dr. Dre MixR Headphones

Dr. Dre MixR Headphones with 2,750 Swarovski Crystals
(photos: Crystal Rocked) Beats by Dr. Dre MixR Headphones | £549.00 |

strolling down the street with a pair of quality cans like the Beats’ over our head, we’d enjoy the great sound that it has reproduced but that’s just part of our self indulgent that nobody hears or knows about. in short, you can’t show it off. so what do you do? make your cans sparkles, that’s what you do and a pair of this special Beats by Dr. Dre MixR encrusted with 2,750 Swarovski Jet Hematite and Crystals is just the headphones of choice. beneath the crystallized treatment, you can expect the same specifications that come with the original MixR cans, such as 180 degrees swiveling ear cups and ultra-crisp sonic reproduction. the Beats by Dr. Dre MixR Headphones will be available in limited quantity from January 16 with a lavish price tag of £549 each (about US$847), a price that is nearly double the amount of the unbling version. whether it is worth the sparkles, it is entirely dependent on how well off you are and how much you crave for such attention.

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