Forget About Smartwatches, This is How a Wrist-worn Communicator Should Look Like

Decades ago, Star Trek, Dick Track and the likes tickled our imaginations about wrist-worn two-way communication hardware, but those have since been superseded by our very capable smartphone. However, that does not mean wrist-worn communicator ain’t cool anymore and with the increasing popularity of smartwatch, speaking into your wrist might very be a fad again. […]

Numark Redphone Pro DJ Stick Headphone

forget what headphones makers have been pitching you about their DJ cans can be swiveled to one side for DJ-ing use, just grab yourself a Numark Redphone and be done with it like a pro. touted as the professional DJ stick headphone (note the missing ‘s’), the Redphone is a purposed built headphone that does

Urbanears Zinken

loading your shoulders with heavy gear, hitching a ride on the highway and spinning the tunes at some shady college party are part and parcel of a struggling DJ. you have no choice cos’ you have to earn your dough anyways. life’s tough, isn’t? and owning a pair of pro-grade DJ cans is probably the last thing in your mind – that is until you hit big…

sparkling Beats by Dr. Dre MixR Headphones

strolling down the street with a pair of quality cans like the Beats’ over our head, we’d enjoy the great sound that it has reproduced but that’s just part of our self indulgent that nobody hears or knows about. in short, you can’t show it off…