FirstMix lets you play DJ without the real vinyl records [video]

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(credit: Gemini) Gemini FirstMix USB DJ Controller | US$100.00 |

most of us listens to digital music these days and so why should DJs stuck to vinyl records to spin their tunes? interestingly, even when Compact Disc was introduced years ago, many DJs chose to go with vinyl records in name of tactile feel. it’s kind of like ‘no feedback, not a real deejaying’ kind of thing. however, that is about to change with the new FirstMix USB DJ Controller from Gemini DJ which offers a few advantage over the ancient vinyl records.
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first off, it does not required any power as it is USB-powered and secondly, you are going digital, hence there will be no bulky vinyl records to lug with you to where are deejaying. save for the 1.62 pounds (0.74 kilograms) FirstMix USB DJ Controller and of course, your laptop. i am pretty sure they are much easier to handle than boxes of vinyls. on the unit, the DJ’s staple controls such as the mixer with crossfader, gain control, treble and bass are located centrally flanked by a pair of pretend turntables for your scratching, cueing needs.

with the bundled MixVibes Cross LE DJ software installed and your FirstMix hook up to your computer’s USB port, you are basically all set for a real deejaying round. the unit also works with popular DJ programs such as Traktor, VirtualDJ and Algoriddim Djay. compatible with both Mac and PC, the Gemini FirstMix USB DJ Controller has support for various popular digital music formats including M4A, AIFF, WAV, MP3, FLAC and OGG. with a price tag of just $100, it is going to put a smile on any aspiring DJs and professionals alike.

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Gemini FirstMix USB DJ Controller 580x580px Gemini FirstMix USB DJ Controller 580x580px Gemini FirstMix USB DJ Controller 580x580px Gemini FirstMix USB DJ Controller 580x580px

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