with so many affordable compact speaker system around, it is hard to justify paying premium that some makers ask for their rigs. then again, how can anyone say no to a speaker dock born out of the matrimony between a prestigious automobile brand such as Ferrari and a veteran audio manufacturer like Logic3? the result of this continual collaboration brings about the birth of the successor to the original FS1 speaker dock, the Ferrari by Logic3 FS1 Air Speaker Dock. technically, the FS1 and the FS1 Air are pretty much the same thing, except that the new FS1 Air, as the name implies, is now blessed with Apple AirPlay technology enabling you to stream lossless audio wirelessly from your iDevices, or any computer running iTunes. beyond that, it shares the same features as its predecessor, including Bluetooth technology for wireless audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices such as Android or Windows devices, an Apple Dock connector for charging and playback from your Apple small device, a patented Class HD amplification technology integrated with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for controlling the crossover and equalization, a 3.5mm auxiliary that caters to other sources like your trusty iPod Classic, a built-in passive bass radiator, and a pair of 2″ drivers rounds up the package. aesthetically it still bears the same GT car-inspired lines that’s still quite a sight to behold. if you are ready to drop a pretty penny, then the Ferrari by Logic3 FS1 Air Speaker Dock can be yours to own for $649. more look at the product after the break.

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