back to nature: the natural wood iPhone docking station

iphone Dock Manzanita 900x600px
(image: AppleWood) Wood iPhone Docking Station | from US$38.00 |

maybe we didn’t need an oversize tree trunk with built-in audiophile-grade horns as our iPhone dock. however, we do yearn for something similar but in a smaller package that allows us to proudly display it on our desk. that something could be like these wood iPhone docking stations from Etsy seller, AppleWood. this is not the first time we seen docks crafted out of natural wood but these docking stations each bears a story of their own. in another word, the maker don’t just chopped up any woods indiscriminately just to present these beautiful docks to you but behind each piece of wood iPhone dock, there is a story behind – a story of how the wood from trees like Manzanita, Red Wood or Oak, gets a second lease of life to serve you as a trusty, all natural iPhone dock. we are impressed both by their honest stories and the majestic beauty of these docks. AppleWood has many of such docks ready for your taking on his Etsy store, and since they are lovingly crafted from natural wood, no two pieces are the same. the Wood iPhone Docking Station prices start from $38 for a simple unit and runs up to $148 for a double dock unit. our favorite gotta be the Manzanita Wood iPhone dock that cost $128. simply beautiful. a few more look at the Wood iPhone Docking Station after the break.
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a special thanks to Joel Young for the hat tip!

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  1. Mike, You hit it right on the head. Thanks for great write up! The feedback so far on my pieces has been huge.  I am hopeful to keep making these docks along with other phones as well.  I am currently making a custom piece for the google phone.  Anyway, thanks again!

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