STAGE 5 Dock Not Only Charges, But It Is Also A Speaker Too

sound dock is quite passe at this point, however, if its first intention is to provide a resting place for charging and/or syncing your smartphone or tablet, then that’s a different story altogether. this is precisely what spur London-based Rocket Sound Systems to create the STAGE 5 Dock. by virtue of its product name, you …

Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock

there is something peculiarly attractive about mixing natural wood with metal. products with such a mix never fails to grab our attention and that’s probably why the Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock by Grove gets our fair share of ogling. based on the firm’s original Dock for iPhone, which by itself is already a pretty piece, the Limited Edition Brass + Walnut Dock takes the style factor up several notches by giving it a walnut and brass makeover.

JUICE On-wall Dock For iPad

gadgets such as iPad are very much part of our lives today and there are no reasons why it shouldn’t be part of our home. it should be like our house keys, always there so we can grab-and-go when we head out and when it is not going anywhere, it should have a place to nest and recharge.

Concrete Dock For iPhone By hardwrk

except for transportations, what else can’t be cast in concrete? we are obliged to think that most thing can indeed be cast in concrete; we have seen enough, ranging from speakers to writing instrument to foosball table to induction charger, to come to this conclusion and now, there is the concrete dock for…

Arq Modular Nesting Dock

having more than two or more mobile devices can start cluttering up your desk pretty quick. with that in mind, the folks at 2040 studio sets out to find a perfect solution that could curb this mess and the answer is the Arq Modular Nesting Dock. the dock, as the product name implies, allows the different docked devices…

Bluelounge Sanctuary4

when you have one device too many, you probably need something to organize them as oppose to having them on the different wall outlets around your pad and the Bluelounge Sanctuary4 would be an ideal piece of accessory to bring them all together. so if you have a tablet and a couple of phones

Grove Dock for iPhone

there exist a few solutions for one hand docking and undocking of iPhone, but if you want to do so elegantly, we suspect there might be just one solution: the Grove Dock for iPhone. latest from the folks who dig bamboo as much as we do, the Grove Dock for iPhone is crafted from natural bamboo shell and a weighty solid steel core

Griffin MultiDock USB Charging Station

if not for the presence of orange hue on this MultiDock USB charging station, you might think it is an Apple product. leveraging on former Apple designer, Thomas Meyerhoffer’s expertise, Griffin sets out to completely rethink the MultiDock that was first introduced in 2011 and the result is this eye-pleasing, Apple-ish device that we could only described as a huge leap in industrial design standpoint.