concrete is not exactly a luxury material, but it is nevertheless synonymous with manliness and have an unexplainable raw appeal. concrete never stops curing – it grows stronger as time passes and provides a strong structure that doesn’t vibrate unless there’s some artillery shelling going around. thus, it becomes the logical material of choice for the housing of the German-made Concrete Audio N1 Concrete Loudspeakers. being concrete means not only there will be no resonance to distort the sound, it is also hefty enough as a tranquil base. using a special high-strength concrete, the N1 enclosure is cast out as one piece with no joints or whatsoever. on the inside, this monolithic structure is lined with different sound-dampening materials to eliminate reflections which rounds up the acoustic department of this heavy weight audiophile loudspeakers.

under the hood, high-end Danish-made Scan-Speak drivers work along side with a variety of high-end components from audiophile big names such as Kimber Kable, Mundorf, and WBT, to achieve the perfect sound, unaffected by resonances. aesthetically, the handcrafted N1 Concrete Loudspeakers are a sight to behold and would blend harmoniously with any contemporary home decor. however, as you might have already guessed, these loudspeakers don’t come cheap: it cost a whopping €32,170 in Germany, inclusive of all applicable taxes and delivery, and €27,034 (around US$36,000) plus taxes and shipping for the rest of the world. at 80 kilograms per speaker (176 lbs), we cannot even begin to imagine how much the freight cost further set you back. hit the jump for a few more product look.

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