With the new MacBooks, Apple ditched MacBook-saving MagSafe in favor of USB-C, a port which you use for everything, including charging and video output. Clearly, a single port isn’t going to cut it, but that perhaps is not the biggest concern among MacBook users; the biggest concern is, tripping over the cable will no longer be safe for your precious laptop. We have no doubt the Cupertino folks will address this sometime in the future, but for now, if you want to save yourself the heartbreak, you will have to look to Griffin Magnetic USB-C Power Cable.

Griffin Magnetic USB-C Power Cable

This six-foot long cable comes in two parts: a 12.8mm adapter that plugs into your MacBook’s lone USB-C port and the cable with a connector that magnetically attaches to the 12.8mm adapter. The benefit is obvious: you get laptop-saving MagSafe back while enjoying all the benefit, or lack thereof, of USB-C. However, it is not without caveats. First, you are expected to leave the tiny dongle on there for convenience sake, which can be an eyesore to some, and second, unless you fancy frequent plugging and unplugging the adapter, you’d be limited to only using Griffin’s USB-C cable. That said, it is probably worth it as the cable would safely disconnect should you or anyone ever trip over it, as opposed to a flying MacBook.

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Griffin Magnetic USB-C Power Cable is expected to hit the shelves in April for $39.99 a pop.

Griffin Magnetic USB-C Power Cable

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