Clever Lock And Key Accessory Keeps Your USB Hub/Portable HDD And Laptop As One

The lack of ports and small storage capacity lead to the use of USB hubs and portable hard drives with today’s laptops. While it seems like the problems have been addressed, they aren’t. USB hubs and portable hard drives brought about a new problem: more things to carry. Those things make laptop that is meant […]

Harber London: Gadget Accessories For Those Who Prefer To Tote Around Their Gadgets In Style

For those who prefer to tote around their gadgets in style, Harber London is another brand to look out for. The brand has a collection of uber stylish leather sleeves for MacBook, iPad Cases and iPhone covers, and more.

MOFT: Quite Possibly The Best Travel Laptop Stand You Will Ever Buy

While laptops are designed for you to work anywhere, the ergonomic, namely the angle of keyboard, leaves much to be desired. Sometime you’d wish for a mobile laptop stand, or better yet, an integrated stand. The latter won’t happen because it will bump up the thickness and weight, and the former? Well, nobody’s stopping you […]

This Chocolate Bar Will Literally Fix A Major Flaw In Today’s MacBook Pro

One thing I like about Apple devices is, they never try to cramp every possible features into their devices. It was never Apple’s idea for the devices to be bloated with unnecessary hardware and features. But therein lies the problem: it takes away quite a few features we still need like, for example, more USB […]

This Upcoming USB-C MagSafe-style Adapter Promised 87W Of Power

Apple may have filed the patent for an adapter that will bring MagSafe back to MacBook and possibly, other devices, but when exactly will it realize is anybody guess and so, for now, if you want MacSafe back, your only solution will be third party solutions like the Griffin BreakSafe and Snapnator, and now there […]

Patent Hints Apple Bringing MagSafe To USB-C Connector, Or Is It Really?

Apple lost more than a benevolent and visionary leader when Jobs passed on. From Jobs passing up to today, the Cupertino-based tech giant has lost an headphone jack, an SD card slot, a glowing logo and most unfortunately, the iconic MagSafe too. To Apple’s credit, It did gain something though: a pair of wireless earbuds […]

Bambooti Now Rocks Stone MacBook Covers Made Of Actual Stones

Belgium-based Bambooti is now is rocking real stone MacBook covers. I know. Laptop covers made out of real stone aren’t new at all. You can find quite a few companies touting them, but I am just going to let you in on this since it is on Kickstarter, which means they are usually going at […]

Here Are Two Alternatives That Will Put MagSafe Back To MacBook Pro

We understand the importance of innovation but perhaps, Apple didn’t realize that innovation does not mean removing things that actually works. That’s pretty damn frustrating, if you ask me. Yes. We are talking about the elimination of the super user-friendly, super ‘safe’ and arguably, the best feature of MacBook, MagSafe found on MacBook prior to […]

LG Out UltraFine Displays Designed Specifically For Apple’s New MacBooks

Not everyday you hear news of big competing corporations making products specifically for use with Apple’s products and so, when LG announced a couple of new displays designed specially for the new MacBook and MacBook Pro, it kind of raise some eyebrows. The displays, called UltraFine, come in two sizes: a 27-inch 5K model and […]

Thanks To MacBook Selfie Stick, Selfie Using MacBook Is A Possibility

Well, actually, you can’t. I mean the MacBook Selfie Stick is a real thing, but in a way, it is not. You see, this weird product is actually an art project by trio Moises, Joh Yuyi, and Tom Galle, which means it ain’t available as a product your money can buy. It’s as weird as […]