For those who prefer to tote around their gadgets in style, Harber London is another brand to look out for. The brand has a collection of uber stylish leather sleeves for MacBook, iPad Cases and iPhone covers, and more.

Harber London Gadget Cases and Sleeves

Harber London, IMHO, presents as a good alternative to brands like Hard Graft and as consumers, it always nice to have options. Like Hard Graft, their products are of leather and wool – a style formula that can never go wrong.

We haven’t a chance to get our hands on any of the products, but judging from the images, the leather is of soft variety.

Harber London Gadget Cases and Sleeves

If you are looking at packing all in, you may want to check out the brand’s Nomads. The Nomads are not cheap. Not going to lie. But man, you can sure load it up with gadget accessories and EDC. Style here is, of course, a standard.

Prices of Harber London Gadget Cases and Sleeves start at US$43 and can run up to as much as US$535 for the top-end Nomad Organizer.

If you are person who demands style as standard and has the financial muscle to flex, may we recommend that you check them out.

All images courtesy of Harber London.

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