Google Black Friday Sale 2022

Good news for folks who have not jumped on the Pixel bandwagon right away after it was announced because Google Store has just kicked off its Black Friday sale. Uh-huh. Already. At this rate, the next Black Friday is going to start the day after it ends. Just kidding. That’s obviously an exaggeration. But you get the idea.

Google Black Friday Sale 2022

As far as this year’s Black Friday deals go, you can save a hundred bucks on the new Pixel 7 at US$499.99. Additionally, Google is knocking off US$150 for the Pixel 7 Pro (US$749 after the discount) – if that’s what you fancy, and it is also taking US$150 off the pretty awesome Pixel 6a (US$299 after the discount).

The new Chromecast with Google TV (HD or 4K) is 10 dollars less at US$19.99 if anyone’s down. Meanwhile, Pixel Watch (Wifi) model is 50 bucks off, going for US$299 during the sale. Fitbit smartwatches are on sale too, along with its fitness tracker.

Google Black Friday Sale 2022

Other gadgets on sale include the Nest Audio 2-pack, Nest Hub (2nd gen), Nest Hub Max, Nest Mini, Nest Thermostat, Nest Wifi Router, and more. Basically, everything in the current portfolio can be had at a discounted price. The question is only “by how much?” The discount ranges from US$10-US$190.

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Anyways, if you are missing something from the Google list of gadgets that you have always wanted to buy, this may be a good time to round them up. Go check it out (not affiliated).

Images: Google Store [US].