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The Best Black Friday Deals Roundup

well, folks, the time of the year is here again. the time where every manufacturers and retailers are vying for your monies in exchange for the goods that you may or may not need (for gifting is what we meant, btw). we didn’t get to do the list last year and as you might have imagined, we were swearing at ourselves for not doing so and thereby, letting those deals slipped past you and us. for those residing in the U.S., well, you could get into mood of Black Friday by joining the potentially-deadly stampede fun that will be unfolding in major retailers and supermarkets across stateside, but for the rest of us who don’t resides in the U.S. or choose to avoid the bargain-driven madden crowd, here is our list of deals for which you can shop to your hearts content at the comfort of your pad. sounds pretty rad and all pumped? then sit back and hit the jump for the list. Continue reading The Best Black Friday Deals Roundup