FridgeCam Is On A Mission To Reduce Food Waste, From Inside The Fridge

Don’t have money to drop for a truly smart refrigerator (if there’s even any at this point)? No worries, a London-based tech company Smarter is here to help. Its FridgeCam is on a mission to reduce food waste, starting from within the fridge. According to the folks over at Smarter, 7 million tonnes of food […]

What’s Next? 5 Things We Can Expect From The Internet of The Future

Sometimes it’s hard to notice how much technology has changed. There is never a sudden overnight change, a leap from having a basic cell phone capable of carrying out phone calls and texts to a smartphone with apps, internet connectivity and GPS. It’s gradual and that means we often don’t notice just how much things […]

Artist Wants You To Have Digital Bird That Travels The World In Your Home

Internet of Things let you connected, let you control physical devices, but this Internet of Things here does not. It is not ‘useless’ either. Instead, it has a unique and interesting pitch: it wants to put a digital bird in your house. Aptly called Birdhouse, what makes thing fun is, you can’t see the ‘bird’; […]

Microsoft Brings Cortana To Thermostat Via Johnson Controls

Windows Mobile which originally touts Cortana may have died, but this voice control technology from the Redmond software giant continues to live on, more recently, on a la-Amazon Echo Harman Kardon speaker. Prior to that, the software juggernaut has also introduced Cortana to another home IoT device and it was a climate control system, AKA […]

This Tiny Cube Will Make Your Home Smarter Without Additional Sensors

So you never gotten around home automation yet? Probably because it sounds like a complicated business? I am afraid it is. Home automation is never simple. It involves a host of other stuff, which honestly, you really have to know what you are doing to get it going. However, lucky for you, all-in-one solution exists […]

WiFi-enabled Battery Wants to Turn Your Smoke Alarm into a Connected Smoke Alarm

For connected freaks who are irked by the fact that your plain smoke detectors in your high-tech home aren’t connected, well, a startup has the perfect solution called Roost Smart Battery. Shape and weight like a 9V battery typically used in smoke detectors, Roost Smart Battery is WiFi connected and when installed, turns your humble […]

ALYT DIY Smart Home Manager

instead of making life a little more easy, separate home automation products can really get to our head and makes us even more busy. so what you really need is one device, a digital butler of sort, to manage all those connected devices, which is exact what the ALYT DIY Smart Home Manager set out to do.