Internet of Things let you connected, let you control physical devices, but this Internet of Things here does not. It is not ‘useless’ either. Instead, it has a unique and interesting pitch: it wants to put a digital bird in your house. Aptly called Birdhouse, what makes thing fun is, you can’t see the ‘bird’; you can only hear it and what’s more, this ‘bird’ is not always in the birdhouse. The idea is, it will ‘fly’ from Birdhouse to Birdhouse like a real migrating bird does. It will never know when it will come by; it is random and that’s precisely what makes Birdhouse interesting. You can, however, try to coax it to your home by touching the peg on the Birdhouse.

Birdhouse: An Internet of Things Work of Art

When the ‘bird’ arrives, you will be able to hear it, moves about, tweets, sings, and you will know when it leaves. While the digital bird does fly randomly, its decision on where to go can be determined by the weather and the time of the day. Like, for example, it can choose to avoid cold regions and fly to warmer areas. Interesting, eh? That’s not all. Although the bird is not with you and where it goes is absolutely RNG, you will be in the know where it is – thanks to an online map that reveals where all the Birdhouses are around the world and where the bird is at that particular time. It may not sounds like much, really, but it sure sounds like fun to me. Plus, the beautifully hand-built Birdhouse can also serve as an artful wall decor too.

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Birdhouse: An Internet of Things Work of Art

The Birdhouse is an IoT device and therefore, it has to be connected to a wireless network and also, plugged to a wall outlet. Birdhouse is the work by Germany-based Dutch artist Albert Raven as part of his Whispering Wall project. You can find out more about Birdhouse on Kickstarter where you will be able to pre-order it for €375 (about US$596), or other related merchandises. As with any Kickstarter campaign, whether or not Birdhouse will become a reality is dependent on the outcome of the campaign. Skip ahead for the product pitch video.

Images: Albert Raven.

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