Heinz Packet Sauce Roller

Packet sauce. The one thing any family that orders takeout frequently is not lacking. Abundance means squeezing out every drop of the ketchup from a packet is not a priority.

Heinz Packet Sauce Roller

But if you do, for the sake of not wasting, then the Heinz Packet Roller is a must-have lifestyle accessory for you. It is also a must-have if you own any Heinz cobranded CASTiFY gadget accessories (because that is a sign that you are a mega-fan of Heinz).

Anywho, moving on… Shaped like a traditional Heinz Ketchup bottle, the Heinz Packet Roller is not just a roller that lets you pass a package of sauce for 100% sauce extraction; it comes with a package corner cutter too.

Heinz Packet Sauce Roller

This means, not only you don’t need to fight to squeeze every drop of your sauce, but it also makes tearing the poorly pre-cut corner a breeze.

Apparently, this product is patent-pending which goes to show how serious Heinz is about helping you extract the most out of a packet sauce (and also, marketing).

Like the other wonderful condiment accessory, the Sriracha2Go, the Heinz Packet Roller is designed to join your keys on your keychain. In this way, it can be with you whenever, wherever. And oh, yes, this is a real thing that money can buy. The price? US$5.70.

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Images: The Kraft Heinz Company/YouTube (Heinz).

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