This is SwitchBot Curtain. It might just be one of the greatest tech to have emerged in 2019. How so? It turns any curtain smart in literally seconds. All you have to do is retrofit this little guy on your curtain rail and you are all set to control you curtain using your voice, your smartphone or a handy remote.

Being app-enabled, means you can schedule it. Plus, it is open and connected with API, IFTTT, and SmartThings support with Hub Mini. Also, since it is connected, you can remotely control your home’s curtain that is equipped with SwitchBot Curtain from anywhere in the world.

SwitchBot Curtain Automates Any Curtain

Thanks to a sunlight sensor, SwitchBot Curtain will automatically draws the curtain open or close when direct sunlight lands on it, as dictated by you. A clever design allows SwitchBot Curtain to be used with curtains ranging from rod to rail type. And that, my friends, is perhaps the biggest draw of this little ‘robot’.

It even has a touch and go function in which, by simply touching the curtain, will trigger it to draw the curtain. And then there is an optional add-on solar panel that will the charging of the battery within out of the equation. Seriously, I do mean that this could be one of the greatest tech in 2019.

If you desire smart curtains, you can either replace the curtains in your home with connected curtain like the IKEA FYRTUR that costs hundreds and wasting your existing curtains, or you go with the no fuss SwitchBot Curtain for just $69-159 that requires no replacement of your existing curtains. The choice is yours. If you are sold, you can pre-order SwitchBot Curtain from Indiegogo InDemand.

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All images courtesy of SwitchBot.

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