Can a keyboard ever be “classy,” or perhaps, have a hint of camera influence? The former, maybe, but the latter? Probably not, or so we thought. Meet Azio Fokal, retro-futuristic mechanical keyboard that sports a customizable, multi-functional control inspired by rangefinder cameras of the 60s.

The knob, called Fokal Control Knob, is a multi-directional, seven-way control.

Azio Fokal Keyboard with Control Knob

The top crown provides 2 ways of infinite spin for volume, light brightness, or virtually any two-way commands. The middle ring features a button for control mode selection while the third function, which is the entire knob, is a joystick with 360-degree control.

Azio Fokal Keyboard can connects to multiple devices via RF or Bluetooth 5.0 (up to three BT devices), selectable using a small knob on the top right of the keyboard.

Azio Fokal Keyboard with Control Knob

Other highlights include solid iron plates built, lacquer-filled embossed logo and lettering, diamond-cut knurling on dial, backlit keys with adjustable RGB lighting and brightness, and a 5,000 mAh rechargeable battery that’s good for up to four months of use on a single charge.

If Azio Fokal Keyboard piques your interest, you may want to consider pre-ordering it on Indiegogo. Be warned though, it does not come cheap. Such luxury will set you back at $184. And that’s already 20 percent off its eventual retail price.

Images: Azio Corporation.

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