Here’s avant-garde wall clock for those who desire for an unusual and high-tech look. Called E-blister, designed by Russia-born designer Vadim Kibardin of KIBARDIN Design, it is the last timepiece in KIBARDIN Design’s 3D digital skeleton clock collection. What captures us is not just the avant-garde design; it is the battery life. Man, this thing can go on for more than two years before the CR2032 coin battery needs replacing. Something unheard of in the quartz clock world.

KIBARDIN Design E-blister Wall Clock

How is it even possible, you ask? Well, it has the magic of e-ink to thank. Instead of analog gears and springs, or today’s favorite LEDs, KIBARDIN Design E-blister uses e-ink display in transparent blister case (hence, the name E-blister) and features 12/24 time mode and an alarm function. The design is minimal, clean and functional. No frill, no thrill. It is just a stunning clock with extremely long battery life. The look is as unique as it can gets. It can be wall mounted, or place on a desk.

KIBARDIN Design is selling the E-blister Wall Clock at a special pre-order price of $160, in a choice of black or white version.

KIBARDIN Design E-blister Wall Clock

KIBARDIN Design E-blister Wall Clock

Images courtesy of KIBARDIN Design.

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