Dickhead is a vulgar slang defined by “a stupid, irritating, or ridiculous man.” Now, if Batman’s ride is a Batmobile, wouldn’t the aforementioned person’s ride called Dickmobile? And Dickmobile this is. I mean, seriously, we don’t even need to tell you this, do we? Not that the person who created it is a dickhead or anything. Just that it is too obvious what it is. The intention however is not as vulgar as it seems. As it turns out, this car was created way back in 1969 by one Steve Paige and it was meant to be an “art car”, but really what was its purpose is unclear to us. Perhaps if you know something about this rolling willy, you can point us to the right direction.

1969 ”Dickmobile” Art Car by Steve Paige
Well, that looks like a butt to us…

Our source indicated that this particular oddity of custom cars was posted on an aptly named Facebook community page called HowNotToDesignACar and apparently, this Weiner on wheels was retired with only 500 miles (805 kilometers) on the odo in a short five years of active duty. Well, by active duty we do mean it being actively ridden. No, wait. That doesn’t sound right, does it? Anyways, so now you know, there was once a dick that roam the streets of Los Angeles. And I am very sure the windscreen washer only squirts clear, plain water.

1969 ”Dickmobile” Art Car by Steve Paige
And here’s the Dick’s point of view… oh, wait. Or is it the testicles PoV?
1969 ”Dickmobile” Art Car by Steve Paige
We are not when these photos were taken but sure looks old to us.

P.S. Wouldn’t it consider a sexual harassment if Dickmobile rear ended a lady’s car? Just saying…

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Images: HowNotToDesignACar.

via Carscoops.

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