The Bolster Boost Lateral Support Pad For Car Seats

I am sure you are familiar with racing seat, or bucket seat. The body-hugging car seat designed to keep you in place as you and the car twists and turns through winding roads or race track. It seems like racing car seat is the solution to you from “body-swishing” when pulling corners in a car, but there is just a couple of problem: it is never comfortable for everyday driving and it mars the beautiful stock look of your car. Factory car seats, on the other hand, are usually the most comfy, but they lack the lateral support a racing seat have. Just when it seems like the only solution is to put up with uncomfortable seat, or putting up with the body-swishing, one dude by the name of Ted Heys came with a brilliant and exceedingly simple solution called The Bolster Boost.

The Bolster Boost Lateral Support Pad For Car Seats

The Bolster Boost is an add-on support for any stock car seat that locks you tight to the seat, thus eliminating the body-swishing phenomena due the lack of lateral grips. In other words, the Bolster Booster adds lateral support to the car seat. Think of it as wedges that prevent free play when are on the seat. It is adjustable to your body size, so it is never a one-size fits all solution. It is an adaptable solution. However, we thought the coolest part is, you don’t need to secure it to the seat with awkward, look-damaging straps. The patented design leverages on your body weight to achieve the hold that is both firm and comfortable. Brilliant. So, there you have it. Lateral support achieved without dropping thousands for uncomfortable and awkward looking bucket seats.

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Seriously, we don’t know what’s not love about it. If you concur, you may want to show your love for this product by pre-ordering it on Kickstarter for $85-99. As with any Kickstarter project, The fate of the product is your hands. Whether on not it will see the light of production depends largely on if the campaign can hit its set funding goal. Pitch video after the jump.

Images courtesy of Ted Heys.

Submitted via TIP US Page.