countless automobiles were introduced each year by marques big and small, but not a single one that was specifically designed with wheelchair-bound users in mind – until now (retrofitting existing cars don’t quite count, really). meet the Kenguru Electric Hatchback, a tiny car that straddles at the border of being cute and futuristic, is truly designed for wheelchair users to get around without actually having to dismount from the wheelchair. this one-person electric-powered Kenguru (which is Hungarian for “kangaroo”, btw ) has no seats, and features a little ramp that allows wheelchair users to roll right in and has motorcycle-style handlebars for steering.

the formerly Hungary-based firm, now based in Austin, wants to put independence back to wheelchair users as far as commuting between point A and B is concerned. the electric car, which is expected to go into production in 12-18 months time, has an estimate range of 60 miles (97 kilometers) per eight-hour charge, presumably from regular outlet, and has a modest top speed of 25 mph (40 km/h). sure. it is no speed demon (why should it be, anyway?), but it should be ample to aid wheelchair-bound folks to get around, whether to the local convenience store, or to their nearby workplace. however, with such limited top speed, its use is really limited off highways. then again, it is probably not intended to travel great distances which should eliminate the need to use highways anyways.

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as good as it might sounds, the price tag might deter some wheelchair-bound folks, though. the EV is expected to be accompanied by a $25,000 price tag. that figure is, of course, not considering green energy and mobility tax incentives in Stateside. no word if the Kenguru will be making to other markets outside of the U.S.

Kenguru via The Verge

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