Most modern air purifiers also measure indoor air quality which you can read from the device or a companion app. Not the IKEA STARKVIND air purifier though. While the STARKVIND does detect particles, it does not tell you how bad it is. That said, if you need insight into indoor air quality, you will need an air quality sensor.


In fact, IKEA already has one, the VINDRIKTNING (US$15.99). But it is not app-enabled nor does it integrate with the rest of the existing IKEA range of smart solutions that enable better air quality in the home. Enters IKEA VINDSTYRKA Smart Sensor.

IKEA VINDSTYRKA is able to measure and monitor the most harmful pollutants, particulate matter (PM2.5), which cannot be seen with the naked eye. While the VINDRIKTNING uses light to indicate air quality, the VINDSTYRKA has a display that shows a bunch of data, including PM2.5 levels, humidity, temperature, and TVOC (total volatile organic compound).

The parameters are also accessible from the IKEA Home smart app when VINDSTYRKA is connected to the DIRIGERA Matter-ready hub. Using the app, you can enable VINDSTYRKA to trigger other smart devices, such as the STARKVIND air purifier, for example.

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Connecting VINDSTYRKA to STARKVIND enables the fan speed to be automatically adjusted in correlation with the amount of PM2.5 in the air, ensuring the air in the home is always as clean as possible.

The IKEA VINDSTYRKA can also work on its own to keep you informed on indoor air quality, so you can decide whether to turn on the air purifier(s) or not.

The IKEA VINDSTYRKA will be available in all IKEA markets starting April 2023. Pricing has not been revealed, however.


Images: IKEA.

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