This year’s CES, like many before it, is pretty much Sony’s playground. The Japanese electronics giant has taken to the world’s biggest electronic show to unveil a host of electronics that we can only take it as a hint to tell you to work harder and save up quick before these fabulous gadgets hit the market. The turntable we saw earlier is just part of the many products introduced, spanning across a wide range of categories, including digital imaging, mobile radio and TV.

Among the highlights include the new BRAVIA 4K High Dynamic Range TVs (X93D/X83D Series), new Full HD LCD TVs, latest portable wireless speaker – SRS-ZR7 and SRS-ZR5, new HT-NT5 and HT-CT790 2.1 channel sound bars, awesome headphones (h.ear wireless headphones and EXTRA BASS Series headphones), and not forgetting the new flagship 4K camcorder FDR-AX53 as well as its newest action cam, HDR-AS50. I won’t say I am a huge fan of Sony (apart from Playstation), but gadgets as a whole, tickles my fancy like, a lot and so you can bet that I am pretty thrilled.

You can check out the line of products HERE.

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