these days, having a pair of in-ear earphones on is like a fashion statement and that being said, we think the i-MEGO ZTONE In-ear Monitor Earphones pretty much fits the bill. touted a patent-pending design that is said to offer an on-stage monitor fit, it features custom-molded ear gels to better fit each individual’s unique sound hole. each beautiful earbuds is fitted with studio-tuned 10mm drivers that offers 20-20,000 Hz frequency, and 16 ohms impedance and comes equipped with braided cables made from genuine silver – creating a package that’s not only sounds great but also look the part of being a fashionable jewelry. rounding up this $99.99 package are additional silicone fittings (four different sizes are included), stereo and airplane adapters, plus a durable metal carrying case. available now in three cool color-styles: gun metal, rose gold and chrome. oh, btw, we were told that ZTONE is pronounced as “stone”. just thought you should know. another look at this jewelry-style in-ear headphones after the break.

i-MEGO ZTONE In-ear Monitor Earphones

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