I bet when DXRacer put casters on automobile seats to create the world’s first gaming chair, it did not expect that it will become a blueprint for all gaming chairs that followed. Obviously, the gaming chair that follows isn’t actual automobile seats, let alone make by an automaker or automobile seat maker.

RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair Limited Edition

The RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair Limited Edition, however, is everything the current horde of gaming chairs is not. Not only the seat is made in collaboration with RECARO, a renowned maker of seats for sports cars, but it is also inspired by Porsche’s sports cars – right down to the gray, black and red color scheme.

It might very well be an actual seat pulled from a Porsche because, like the real car seats, the front of the headrest is embroidered with the Porsche crest in the same location, while the back of the headrest bears the RECARO logo.

With the RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair Limited Edition, Porsche wants to inject the racing spirit and authentic racing feeling when you are gaming or whatever you may be using it for.

RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair Limited Edition

Like an actual racing seat, it is designed for “long distances and many virtual laps”, letting you enjoy gaming while offering comfort and back health. The latter is made possible – thanks to the integrated anti-submarining seat ramp and the firm lumbar support.

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Other highlights include an ergonomically optimized seat shell made of high-quality upholstery foam and breathable fabrics, a 5D armrest with aluminum support for numerous adjustment options, stepless seat height adjustment, copolymer-reinforced seat castors suitable for all types of floors, high-quality aluminum base made of lightweight alloy, GS-certified (safety tested), and a maximum load of 150 kg (about 330 lbs).

The RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair Limited Edition is made in Germany and has a limited run of just 911 units, each going for a cool US$2,499. The gaming chair was officially launched on January 14, 2023, during the virtual 24-hour Le Mans race.

RECARO x Porsche Gaming Chair Limited Edition

All images courtesy of Porsche Design.

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