iPhone 5’s 8.0-megapixel camera is awesome and it has, to some extend, replaces many people’s need for a regular digital camera but still, it falls short in areas like color saturation and contrast that often washes away important details. this is where a simple device like the iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip can help. the Trygger Camera Clip is an ingenious clip-on accessory that will enhanced the images you take with your iPhone 5 by eliminating glare and undesirable reflections while giving them richer, fuller colors and better contrast so what you captured will be exactly what your eyes see. this is made possible by introducing a hand-made polarizing filters sandwiched between two layers of scratch resistant optical glasses and packed into a compact, clip-on body that attaches to your iPhone 5 snugly, ensuring that no extraneous light will ever slip through to your photos. the filter is user adjustable via handy dial built into the camera clip, allowing you to dictate how much light should goes through so that you can get the photos exactly the way you liked. the only downside is, the camera clip only works with a completely naked iPhone 5. so, whether a good still is worth letting your iPhone 5 face the inevitable risk of scuffs and scratches, is entirely up to you. anyway, you can grab this awesome add-on lens for your iPhone 5 for just $30 a piece and it comes in black and white versions. check out a project video after the break to learn more.

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