the Cape Crusader has been around for grandpa years since 1939 and like all awesome things in life, it has been through a whole lot of change along the way. obvious changes were the costumes and vehicles but there is one significant but yet subtle change that most people did not pay a whole lot of attention to and that’s the Batman logo. yeah. we did take note of those logos over the years but just that, we did not really think of them as much as – thanks to the distraction served up by the characters and the drool-worthy gadgets and vehicles. anyway, artist Cathryn Lavery has designed a poster, putting together seven decades of logos together, charting the evolution of the Batman logo from its humble beginning from a simple caped crime fighter in 1940 right through to the rubber-suited, hoarse-voiced Dark Knight in 2012. we should think this poster is a must have for any serious Batman fanatics and probably the next best thing besides leering over Ann Hathaway in tights. each poster is stamped and numbered by the artist and there are only 500 to go round. available in three sizes: 13″ x 19″ ($36.99); 16″ x 24″ ($45.99); and 24″ x 36″ ($59.99).

Calm The Ham via Nerd Approved

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